India Gaming Show – South 2018
Cosplay Competition “Wear Your Passion”


Overview: The Cosplay contest is a competition where prizes are awarded to the Winners on the 1 st 2 nd and 3 rd along with the Judges Choice as judged by a panel.

Eligibility: The competition is open to ALL AGES. However, entrants under 16 must have an entry form signed by a parent or guardian with you on the day of the event. You may, should you wish, enter alone or as a group, please note, if you are in a group, please specify the other members of your group, so we can keep all the party together.

Costume: All types of costumes are welcome, ensuring swimsuit area being covered for both male and female cosplayers. Bought costumes are also allowed, however most of your outfit must be made by you, or by friends or family in order to allow you to be eligible for a prize in the Cosplay contest. Costume made by you will have better scoring (Subject to the judge’s discretion)

Performance: Contestants can choose whether to just stand and pose, or they can do a performance Skit / Dance. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE! So, no swearing, or sexual references please. However, performance will attract better scoring.

Judging: The contest will be judged by a panel of judges.

Judging is carried out in two parts:

  • On Stage judging
  • Craftsmanship judging

Each on-stage judge of the competition can award

  • 10 points for Performance,
  • 5 points for Costume Stage Expression, and
  • 5 points for Character Fidelity, for a maximum total of 20 points.

Performance (10 points): Art of performance, inventiveness, entertainment value, and smoothness of act.

Costume Stage Expression (5 points): Faithfulness in movement, look and flow of costume to the original character, general visual impact of the costume on stage. The cosplayers may make some changes to the costumes for better performance (i.e. to add some parts for gimmick, etc.), as far as the change does not detract from the essential character or work. In this case the cosplayers must provide an oral and/or written explanation about the reasoning behind deviating from the original work to the judges during craftsmanship judging.

Admiration and Respect (5 points): Admiration and respect in the performance to original characters and story. How well the performance shows admiration and respect toward the original work (stories and characters etc.) How well the “intensity” of the performance conveys the cosplayers “admiration and respect” for the work to a third party (in this case the judges).

  • If a team breaks the time limit rule for stage preparation, a penalty on the team’s point score will be imposed on the performance score.
  • 10% total point deduction for exceeding the time limit by up to 10 seconds. 25% total point deduction for exceeding the time limit for more than 10 seconds.

Craftsmanship judging is carried out before the stage competition is held and added to the score from the on-stage judging. Each craftsmanship judge can give up to 100 points. An average score is calculated which is then multiplied by the number of on-stage judges and then divided by 10 to give the final score.

  • Costumes to be worn on stage and hand-held props will be subject to craftsmanship judging.
  • Larger props on stage are not subject to judging

Craftsmanship (100 points):

The mark out of 100 given by the craftsmanship judges will be subdivided into the following subcategory:

  • 40 points for accuracy of the costume,
  • 40 points for the quality of the costume,
  • 20 points for technique.

Accuracy is marked as a direct comparison of the costume with the original artwork. A costume that is identical to the original artwork should receive 40/40, and a costume that looks nothing like the original artwork will therefore receive 0/40. In addition, if there is an unknown part of the original work (i.e. inability to determine the colour of a costume in a black and white manga) as long as the character’s likeness and the costume design are followed then the selection of the colour and the detailed design will be left to the discretion of the cosplayer and any differences from the costume original images submitted shall not affect scoring.

Quality is marked based on several factors, including how well the costume is put together, how well it fits the contestant, how neat painting, sewing, etc. has been done.

Technique is marked as a way to reward skills. A costume that used a wide variety of difficult skills will be award high marks in this category than a costume that use few simple techniques. It is more about the quality of the technique than the quantity.

  • The mind-set put forth in the Craftsmanship Judging Guide is to be used as the benchmark during judging.
  • If a team is found to break costume rules outlined in this document, the craftsmanship judges are able to penalise the craftsmanship score of that team. Penalties may vary depending on rules broken.
  • In case of a tie in the final score, on-stage judging score will determine the order. In case of a tie after the on-Stage judging score is taken into account, the stage judges will choose a winner by simple vote of majority between the two teams in question.

Important! Notes on Application

Terms and Conditions

  • Cosplayers have to be present at the venue 60 mins prior to the cosplay competition.
  • Organiser may ONLY call the top cosplay finalists on stage.
  • The prize cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • If the winners choose not to show up on stage during the cosplay competition winner announcement and prize ceremony the prizes will be null and void.
  • Cosplayers must register offline by signing the registration and TnC form on the venue by the given time limit.
  • The organizer hold the right of not disclosing the scored during or after the event.
  • The organizer hold the right to disqualify any cosplayer at any time if any misconduct or foul play is detected or if needed so.
  • Cosplayers are expected to report in FULL costume at the given time for the Pre judging, any cosplayer failing to do so shall not be marked scored.
  • Disqualified cosplayers may be called up on stage for an appearance if the judges feel after consent from the cosplayer.
  • If the costume is too large for the stage the cosplayer might have points deduction for lack of movement and stability.
  • Cosplayers are not allowed to leave their costume props around the stage area.
  • If a costume damages any stage item or equipment the cosplayer will be held liable and will have to bear the charges of repair or replacement.

On – Spot Registration will be open till 11 AM Saturday, January 20, 2018.

  • Participants must be registered before the specified time & be present for the masquerade line up (specified at the event)
  • Participants agree to take part and be featured in marketing and publicity material for India Gaming Show and CII as required, as well as external media available to the general public, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines and websites. All pictures taken at the IGS venue will be property of CII and will be used in promotional activities of future editions. No Claim by the cosplayer will be accepted on the royalty.
  • Application forms and associated content cannot be returned to applicants.
  • All personal information collected via the application process will be protected by CII and India Gaming Show. Data will not be provided to any third party.
  • Please note: There will be 30.9% tax applicable on the winning amount if in cash. Winning amount will be paid within 45 days of the day of the winner announcement subject to receipt of requisite details.s
  • Health and Safety regulations

  • Following will not be allowed in the competition –
  • Pyrotechnics, Sharp Objects, Objects that can be considered a weapon (e.g. Glass objects), Firepower (including but not limited to water pistols, confetti cannons and BB/foam ammo guns), Strobe Lighting or any form of materials considered dangerous will not be allowed in the competition
  • We recommend only using safe (Foam) weapons, costume accessories and or props with you costumes. In order to comply with Health and Safety rules please have all props, special effects and weapons checked at the cosplay desk before entering the competition (replicas and toy guns must contain obvious blaze and/or a brightly coloured safety tip and must not contain ammunition of any sort).
  • Similarly, any stage effects that could delay or inhibit another’s performance including use of liquids, thrown or scatted objects, sticky substances, glitter, powder or confetti are also prohibited.
  • If in doubt of any part of both your costume and/or your performance that could not comply with these regulations please contact our cosplay team directly for confirmation. India Gaming Show and CII reserves the right to refuse any material which may be considered offensive, hazardous or inappropriate for the family audience of the event.




Ans. There is no specific category for the contest. One can choose in order of priority anime, comic book, video game characters.
Ans. All contestants that makes the online submission will be able to be seen in person by the judging panel as well as being able to showcase their cosplay on stage as part of the contest. In short, no one will be refused.
Ans. Yes, all contestant will be given an opportunity to perform on the stage.
Ans. Our judging panel will start looking over all submissions the day after our registration for the contest closes.
Ans. Yes, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your entry.
Ans. Only, in case of we feel that the costume is not as per the guidelines.
Ans. Yes, you must be present at the contest to win.
Ans. During the online submission you can enter as many cosplays as you want BUT only one cosplay per contestant is allowed to perform on the stage.
Ans. During the “In Person” phase our judging panel will score off of the following:
Ans. You will get 1 min to perform on the stage.
Ans. While you will be welcome to be a part of the cosplay at India Gaming Show, the contest will be open only to the people who completes the registration formalities by submitting the online link along with the Photos gallery link.
Ans. Yes you can. To participate you have to complete the Online Submission” portion first. However, for “In Person” Portion, you have to be present at the contest at scheduled venue to get your scores.
Ans. Maximum 2 Photos in different angle would be great.