Welcome to the India Gaming Show - South 2018
Cosplay Competition "Wear your Passion"

Calling All Cosplayers: Register now for your chance to be a part of India Gaming Show – South 2018 Cosplay Competition Be the Champion “Wear Your Passion”!

Entering our contest is as simple as clicking on the registration link and filling out the required information. Winners will be awarded with prizes and the best part is that registration and participation for the contest is FREE!

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1- Register for the contest by clicking on the link and filling out all of the info boxes.

2- Create an online photo/video gallery that showcase your cosplay and put a link to that gallery in your registration account. Maximum 2 photo. Please note - You cannot modify and add to your gallery once registration is done. You can use any site you wish but some of the gallery sites we recommend are: Google drive, Facebook, or Jump drive /Dropbox (Please try to refrain from using Instagram) The scores will be given on the basis of online submission.

3- All Contestants who made “Online Submission” are now eligible to be seen in person by the judging panel the morning of the contest to receive their “In Person” judging scores. Our judging panel will score each cosplay based on the following criteria: Craftsmanship, Originality/Accuracy, Level of Difficulty This will act as the main portion of the contestant’s score

4- Later at the event all of the cosplayers will showcase their cosplays in front of the largest cosplay contest audience to receive their “On Stage” scores by our judging panel. The scoring criteria here will be: Performance and Stage Appearance “On Stage” scores will be added to “In Person” scores and that’s how we get the total for each cosplayer or group.

At the end of the contest we will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with an additional “Judges Choice” award.

Important: Register for the contest NOW!

Still have questions about the Competition? If you cannot find the answer in our FAQ’s section below, feel free to email our team at madhurima.maniyara@cii.in and we will be happy to clarify or guide you through the steps of our contest.

Can’t wait to see your cosplays so register today and be a part of India Gaming Show – South 2018 !!

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